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Mylabcorp Spouse and Domestic Partner Login

Mylabcorp Spouse and Domestic Partner Login: If you, your spouse, or your domestic partner have ever used mylabcorp services simultaneously, then it’s likely that one of you has had to log in using an alternative e-mail address and password. That’s where we’ll connect, plus it comes in! This unique feature allows you to share your login information with your spouse or domestic partner so that you can easily view and manage each other’s lab results online. If you haven’t already, we recommend setting up well connect plus on your mylabcorp account, which is free and only takes a minute!

What is mylabcorp?

Partner Login

The MyLabCorp Company provides its clients and customers with clinical lab data and drug development services. Sixty thousand employees are currently employed worldwide. This company’s ultimate goal is to improve people’s health and lifestyle worldwide. They’ve dealt with more than 115 million patients in a year and conducted over 2.5 million weekly tests on patient specimens.

Given the challenges of managing colossal businesses, maintaining and updating employee profiles for the IT department can be a tall task. To provide MyLabCorp employees with a means of maintaining and updating their profiles, the company created a MyLabCorp login portal for the convenience of their workers. To log in to MyLabCorp, the employee must input their employee ID and automatic-generated password.

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What is a well connect plus?

Partner Login

Through WellConnect Plus, your employer receives wellness services from Labcorp Employer Services. You can enjoy annual wellness screenings if you qualify. If you and your partners share the same credentials, you can log into each others’ sites with just one username and password. 

Like any lab, signing up for wellconnect will take only a few minutes of your time. When you log in, select Create an account and follow the prompts to create a username and password. You can then use this login information on participating labs’ sites connected to mylabcorp.

What is CafeWell?

To learn more about Wellness Rewards and how much you’ve earned in myHealth Account dollars, you can create your CaféWell login as a spouse or domestic partner enrolled in a Labcorp medical plan. You can access all health and well-being resources at CafeWell.

How do I log in to mylabcorp with my spouse or domestic partner?

Partner Login

LabCorp also allows family members of its employees to access their accounts on the portal along with its employees. Those who are LabCorp employees and wish for an account for their family members or who are family members of LabCorp employees can follow the guide to join the MyLabCorp login portal. You should follow these steps to log in as a spouse or domestic partner:

Step 1: Visit the official website

To log in to mylabcorp with my spouse or domestic partner, visit the official website of Mylabcorp, from your browser.

Step 2: Click on the Spouses & Domestic Partners Login button. 

After entering the login page, Click on the Spouses & Domestic Partners Login button below the login box.

Step 3: Click the one option. 

A new page will appear with four options: Annual Wellness Screening, CafeWell, Rally, and WeightWatchers. You must enter your login information for each when the new screen appears.

Step 4: Enter username and password 

In this step, enter the username and password for each option to log in to your mylabcorp account.

What is WeightWatchers?

Partner Login

Rally: On the Rally website, spouses and domestic partners of covered employees can enter missions and challenges, earn myHealth Account dollars and Rally coins, and more.

Weight Watchers: The Labcorp Health Plan offers a discount on Weight Watchers if your spouse or domestic partner is enrolled in the program.


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